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Casual Membership

[1 session per week]


Delta Tri Club is the largest triathlon club in Basingstoke, and our coaching team deliver fun, high quality group-training sessions at venues in town and the surrounding area.

With two-tiers of membership to choose from, you can join as many or as few sessions as you like. Check out details of our training sessions below. Please note that club membership is open to adults (18+) only.


Training Schedule

RUN / Mon / 1800-1845

A 5k easy social run in collaboration with our partners at Up & Running Basingstoke. Starting from the store with varying routes and regular opportunities to try new shoes, this session is completely free to join. More info is available here.

SWIM / Tue / 0700-0815

A longer coach-led swim session focused on building endurance and swim-fitness, held at Basingstoke Aquadrome. Recommended for those who can already swim >200m continuously and over 1000m in a 1hour training session.

RUN / Tue / 1845-1945

A coach-led run session focused on building run-specific strength using hills, trails & strength-exercises. Locations around Basingstoke vary weekly, typical run distance 4-8km (adapted to suit individual abilities).

SWIM / Thurs / 2000-2100

A coached swim session, focused on improving swim technique, efficiency and fitness. This session is separate/additional to club membership, and can be booked up to 5 days in advance directly through Basingstoke Sports Centre - look for "Swim Doctor Fitness" on the booking page. Open to those that can already swim >50m continuously (any stroke).

RUN / Fri / 1830-1930

A coach-led track run session to develop run speed and fitness. This BYOI ("Bring-Your-Own-Intervals") format means there is no obligation to conform to a club session if it does not fit with your own training plan. Tri Club members may follow the planned club session, whilst 1-2-1 athletes may complete their personal interval session in like-minded company. Typical run distance 3.5-7km (adapted to suit individual abilities).

BIKE / Sat,Sun / Monthly

Monthly group rides provide an opportunity to develop endurance in a social setting. These rides may vary in day/time to accommodate as many club members as possible, typically include a cafe stop, and are communicated via the club WhatsApp group.

SWIM / Sun / 1900-2000

A coached swim session at Basingstoke Aquadrome, focused on improving swim technique, efficiency and fitness. Recommended for those who can swim >50m frontcrawl continuously.



Our highly qualified team of coaches know how to make you faster, fitter & healthier. Read more about us here.

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